Christmas is over and so is my holiday

When Carolyn Johnson from Carimac told me that she had an opening for an internship at the Gleaner Online I wasn’t very thrilled to say yes. Upon realising though that it might be my only option at the moment and I don’t want to wait ‘til summer I told her I would love the opportunity.

I went for an interview along with a friend of mine and after about two weeks of waiting we were told to start on Tuesday the 28th. Happy as I was for the opportunity it kinda made me a bit despondent because it means I won’t be getting the rest I had been longing for and that I wouldn’t get to spend as much time with the hubby as I had hoped. Fortunately though he’s hubby so he’ll be around for years, we’ll make up for it at another time.

Today is the second day of work and I’m sitting here thinking about what it means to be an intern here. Its work, like real work! With real deadlines and some people who will be very nice so long as you do what you’re suppose to but will probably wring your neck if you don’t. I’m tempted to worry but that would be doing myself an injustice. I can do this – it’s time to kick ass 🙂

I haven’t done much since I’ve been here but I’m excited to be going on the road later today to do a vox pop. Hopefully people will want to talk and it won’t be too hard. I’m getting my ID today and if I must admit I’m actually kinda excited. My very own Gleaner ID, with my picture and thing! Rae me! lol. So now to stop being a “frighten Friday” and see if there’s anything here for me to do while I wait to go on the road.

‘til later,


Pon Di Gaza: “Me nuh share gyal man me tek weh tht”

In June this year I had a blog on another blog site which I’ve since abandoned to start blogging with I went back to visit this blog recently and came across a post I found very interesting since the saga has continued and I intend to write about that too… here’s the post as it was.

FRIDAY, JUNE 4, 2010

She’s a homewrecker…

What is it that motivates a young girl to get involved with a married man? What about such an undertaking makes it exciting for them to do? Is it the money or is it something else?
I think they get a strange sense of accomplishment from the fact that they have, in a sense, taken something that belongs to someone else and there is nothing that person can do about it.I was just sitting in my room when i heard a very loud uproar outside. “After a nuh she alone bout yah a tek married man, me haffi defend my sister!” one woman shouted. 

It was then that i realized what was going on out there. Rumours had been circling for a while that her little sister was sleeping with a married man and that she was being pretty boasty about it. Everybody seemed to be aware of what was happening… well everybody but the wife. As is customary though somebody let the puss out the bag and the wife learnt of the deception she’s been subjected to. She confronted the husband, things turned sour and she left.

As is expected when what was not too long ago a secret is now public knowledge tongues began to wag and before long everybody was aware of the occurrences of the past few days. Now i guess the young lady’s side of the story is being heard. From what i can hear from my window she’s not denying being a homewrecking slut and her big sister is rushing to her defense. Apparently there is nothing wrong with sleeping with married men so long as she isn’t the only one doing it… what a sad sad world we live in.

what would i do if that was my husband? I’m not sure, I honestly don’t think i’d be staying with him though.
I mean it was more than just a little disrespectful. The man in this case must think he is God’s gift to the world cause he can afford to change his clothes regular and to floss every now and again. I hope his wife leaves and take their son with her. he deserves whatever he has coming…

It is quite obvious from my ranting here that i do not approve of adultery. I hate the thought of recking a family especially if kids are involved. There really isn’t a shortage of men… at least i dont think so. There must be enough around for everybody to have one…

maybe i’m just being naive… maybe one day i’ll learn


There’s a lot more to this story given that these people have had months to fight it out. My next post will provide an update on their rather entertaining life!



Pon Di Gaza – Sherjei Edition

This is the first in a series of post about my experiences living in Waterford St. Catherine. I happen to live “Pon the Gaza” and after four years of being there some things are still shocking for me.

I hate being called a “Gaza-girl” because I resent a lot of the values my neighbours seem to possess. Maybe I didn’t try hard enough but after so long I still do not understand how they operate and I want more than anything else to move to a different neighbourhood. The Gaza represents for me a place of modern day enslavement for a number of young people. The good old “Addi the Daddy” just need to send (not so regularly) straight jeans and shovel mouth caps and that keeps “the youth dem” loyal. Seriously though? That’s all it takes? I mean i could be an area leader too… shopping in bulk isn’t that expensive.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Vybez Kartel in person (if we dont take into consideration the fact that these people would kill for him and he knows this). I just cant appreciate how these people allow themselves to be so dependent on him. so much so that he can send message for someone to be “wired” (Gaza term referring to the beating of one individual by a group of mindless robots grown men who clearly have nothing better to do) and it just happens like that. You beat up on your own friend because the Teacha says so??

Gaza life is not for me but for now I don’t have much of a choice in the matter. Until I get a chance to leave I’ll keep blogging about my neighbours and their very colourful lives.



Why am I blogging again?

I started this blog because I like telling stories and would love for the world to stop and listen. I’m not on a mission to change the world or to inculcate my morals in the minds of my readers. I just want to share my experiences with someone. Not that I’m short of people to share with as i do have quite a few friends but you never know who might need a good laugh or a word of encouragement and hopefully my posts will be able to do that for people.

For the past three months i havent really written anything much but that’s all gonna change soon. I’ll be doing a series of posts called “Pon the Gaza” which will tell of life in the community of Waterford, Portmore so the world can see what many people are afraid to talk about. I’ll also be making other posts as I encounter different things from day-to-day. Hopefully I’ll be able to post at least three times per week.

Til next time,


I Love My Mokus Unconditionally :)

Every time i hear this song i think about my boyfriend. My bestfriend says I love him with a mature kinda love… I’m still not sure what that means but I’m gonna equate that to unconditional love.

At the beginning of the song she says: “love is pure, it understands what no one else can…i want to love u for ever, show me how to love unconditionally…!”

Love you baby