Why am I blogging again?

I started this blog because I like telling stories and would love for the world to stop and listen. I’m not on a mission to change the world or to inculcate my morals in the minds of my readers. I just want to share my experiences with someone. Not that I’m short of people to share with as i do have quite a few friends but you never know who might need a good laugh or a word of encouragement and hopefully my posts will be able to do that for people.

For the past three months i havent really written anything much but that’s all gonna change soon. I’ll be doing a series of posts called “Pon the Gaza” which will tell of life in the community of Waterford, Portmore so the world can see what many people are afraid to talk about. I’ll also be making other posts as I encounter different things from day-to-day. Hopefully I’ll be able to post at least three times per week.

Til next time,



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