Pon Di Gaza: “Me nuh share gyal man me tek weh tht”

In June this year I had a blog on another blog site which I’ve since abandoned to start blogging with wordpress.com. I went back to visit this blog recently and came across a post I found very interesting since the saga has continued and I intend to write about that too… here’s the post as it was.

FRIDAY, JUNE 4, 2010

She’s a homewrecker…

What is it that motivates a young girl to get involved with a married man? What about such an undertaking makes it exciting for them to do? Is it the money or is it something else?
I think they get a strange sense of accomplishment from the fact that they have, in a sense, taken something that belongs to someone else and there is nothing that person can do about it.I was just sitting in my room when i heard a very loud uproar outside. “After a nuh she alone bout yah a tek married man, me haffi defend my sister!” one woman shouted. 

It was then that i realized what was going on out there. Rumours had been circling for a while that her little sister was sleeping with a married man and that she was being pretty boasty about it. Everybody seemed to be aware of what was happening… well everybody but the wife. As is customary though somebody let the puss out the bag and the wife learnt of the deception she’s been subjected to. She confronted the husband, things turned sour and she left.

As is expected when what was not too long ago a secret is now public knowledge tongues began to wag and before long everybody was aware of the occurrences of the past few days. Now i guess the young lady’s side of the story is being heard. From what i can hear from my window she’s not denying being a homewrecking slut and her big sister is rushing to her defense. Apparently there is nothing wrong with sleeping with married men so long as she isn’t the only one doing it… what a sad sad world we live in.

what would i do if that was my husband? I’m not sure, I honestly don’t think i’d be staying with him though.
I mean it was more than just a little disrespectful. The man in this case must think he is God’s gift to the world cause he can afford to change his clothes regular and to floss every now and again. I hope his wife leaves and take their son with her. he deserves whatever he has coming…

It is quite obvious from my ranting here that i do not approve of adultery. I hate the thought of recking a family especially if kids are involved. There really isn’t a shortage of men… at least i dont think so. There must be enough around for everybody to have one…

maybe i’m just being naive… maybe one day i’ll learn


There’s a lot more to this story given that these people have had months to fight it out. My next post will provide an update on their rather entertaining life!




One comment on “Pon Di Gaza: “Me nuh share gyal man me tek weh tht”

  1. cheating is never right and there is nothing u can ever do to justify it but i guess we cant always make some smart decisions. for married men to play wid young girls is totally disgusting bc im sure they wud kill a grown man who wants to play wid his young daughter. and to carry on wit foolishness wen he has children dis can emotionally scar the kids for life.

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