Christmas is over and so is my holiday

When Carolyn Johnson from Carimac told me that she had an opening for an internship at the Gleaner Online I wasn’t very thrilled to say yes. Upon realising though that it might be my only option at the moment and I don’t want to wait ‘til summer I told her I would love the opportunity.

I went for an interview along with a friend of mine and after about two weeks of waiting we were told to start on Tuesday the 28th. Happy as I was for the opportunity it kinda made me a bit despondent because it means I won’t be getting the rest I had been longing for and that I wouldn’t get to spend as much time with the hubby as I had hoped. Fortunately though he’s hubby so he’ll be around for years, we’ll make up for it at another time.

Today is the second day of work and I’m sitting here thinking about what it means to be an intern here. Its work, like real work! With real deadlines and some people who will be very nice so long as you do what you’re suppose to but will probably wring your neck if you don’t. I’m tempted to worry but that would be doing myself an injustice. I can do this – it’s time to kick ass 🙂

I haven’t done much since I’ve been here but I’m excited to be going on the road later today to do a vox pop. Hopefully people will want to talk and it won’t be too hard. I’m getting my ID today and if I must admit I’m actually kinda excited. My very own Gleaner ID, with my picture and thing! Rae me! lol. So now to stop being a “frighten Friday” and see if there’s anything here for me to do while I wait to go on the road.

‘til later,


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