Pon di Gaza: the saga continues

When you live where I do you come to know that if lots of people are moving away from the streets then you probably should too because it might just mean that there is a convoy of soldiers and police on the way. And although you are not involved in any criminal activities you don’t really want to be a part of the excitement. You also learn that if the exodus is headed towards the streets rather than away from it then something is probably going on that you might find entertaining. Well I can’t speak for anybody else but I find its usually something I’d like to watch.

This free live entertainment ranges from women being thrown out of their houses by the men they’ll go back to in a few days if not hours, arguments (generally between women over some man), fights with bottle being thrown and people drawing cutlasses and threatening to draw guns… and the list goes on. Of course I watch all this from a safe distance, can’t afford to be caught in the crossfire at any point in time.

There’s one particular incident that stands out in my mind as its probably one of the few “crowd drawers” that I couldn’t laugh about. Remember the post i wrote about the married man dealing with he young girl and all that good stuff? Well this involved the same people. Except this time it was the couple that was quarrelling. I won’t give details of what happened cause I wasn’t an eye witness and well we know how Chinese telephone works so by the time I got the story it was probably twisted a million times. But the facts are; man and his wife argue, reason for arguing – young girl he’s been said to be sleeping with, results of the argument – man ends up with a chop in his head and his wife is covered in his blood.

Yup, you read right. She chopped him in the head with a knife. Now this to me was extreme! I mean country girl has seen domestic violence before but this was something else. What I found even more frightening than the fact that he was bleeding out of his head to the point where he fainted was the fact that when they got a car to take him to the hospital there was no one to go with him. I guess he should have been singing Cargo’s Nah sell out mi fren dem wonder if dem say the same… This guy has lots of friends (or so i thought). But in his hour of need no one stepped up to make the trip to the hospital with him. I wonder why?

Eventually a woman went with him and they were able to save his life. A few stitches and he came home the next day (i think, cant quite remember that part). Needless to say that since then i havent seen him with as many “friends” as he once had and he and his wife are now living “happily” together. I know not of his status with the young girl who is allegedly the root of their marital problems but rumour has it he avoids her at all costs.

Til next time,



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