I just went to check my email and noticed that the suggested topic for today at The Daily Post is to describe a recent Aha! moment. Immediately it made me think about something that happened to me at work this week.

So I’m interning at the Gleaner in their online department and they have me working on some videos for their website. I had finished editing one video and was going to start another one when I realized that the sound quality was just terrible as the background noise was extremely distracting. The multimedia Editor had shown me how to reduce it using Adobe Soundbooth but for the life of me I could not remember exactly what to do.

I didn’t freak out though because I know that there really isnt anything that Google and Youtube cant help to fix. So finally after half an hour of repeatedly pausing and playing a how to video, a few trial and error moments and a very loud Aha! I finally figured it out.

Of course I disturbed my coworkers wit my outburst and earned myself a few glances but it was worth it! I figured it out!

Til next time,



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