I’m not very happy at the moment and I want more than anything else to just pack up everything at work and go home. Unfortunately though one of the things I’ve had to learn about “growing up” is that when you have responsibilities you can’t just leave them to other people. Oh how I wish everybody had learnt this as well!
I’ve spent majority of my day today “helping” someone with work which translates to me doing the work. Now I’m not a selfish person but gosh man I do have a limit. If its something that we both don’t know, how do you think I’m going to find out how to do it?? It’s pretty simple. GOOGLE! It works. And if I can do it so can you!
Why do people insist on taking advantage of people who are nice? Well I’m just about done right now. Comes what may, I’ve gone way over my niceness quota for the day and I’m really sorry for whoever comes later.



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