You’re killing me here!!!

At the Gleaner this week my job as an intern includes working on promo videos for Pepsi Rebel Salute which is being held tomorrow. Outside of the fact that I thought these videos were to be done from last week since they are PROMOS it sounded like a good idea to me. So all excitedly I went with my coworkers to record the various artists and even went as far as to make suggestions to the supervisor (which I might add were often ignored).

When all the recording was over and it came time for post-production work “madam supe” turned into one big “Frighten Friday”. All she could talk about was editing the Tony Rebel video herself and Tony Rebel, Tony Rebel, Tony Rebel. To be quite honest though, although Tony Rebel is the star of the show I didn’t want to edit that one because I assumed that someone would be over my head every minute and I can’t function like that. I need my space and I need to be allowed to let my creativity flow. I’d much prefer to do the smaller artists where I’d be left alone.

What I didn’t realize however, was that regardless of who I got to do there would be no such thing as being allowed to add a personal touch. Creativity… what creativity? All the things I tried to do were ordered removed and I was instructed as to how it should look (talk about boring!!!). If I was the only one with this complaint then I would concede that maybe its a bruised ego or something like that but my fellow intern seems to just as frustrated as I am. Hmm, guess the problem doesn’t lie with me then.

I’ve been instructed to start editing the Tony Rebel video until Madam Supe is available to take over as she is currently in a meeting. I really don’t want to start it. Why bother?? Isn’t it a great waste of precious time if I put my heart into it only to watch it being ripped apart piece by piece in a few hours?

Sigh! Sadly as an intern I don’t have the power to say all I’d like to to this lady but gosh man, Madam Supe you’re killing me here!!



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