A Very Short, Long Day

“Its time to get up, its 5 O’clock!”

My phone alarmed and as usual I felt for the button to snooze. Half an hour later I was hopping out of bed and dragging myself to the bathroom. That was the beginning of what would turn out to be a very busy day.

I made a visit to the Women’s Centre Foundation of Jamaica, went to classes, worked for two hours, had to run up and down to sort out timetable after adding and dropping courses for like the millionth time and finally at 7:30 I was able to board the bus and leave for home.

I have work to do but opening my book is having the effect of a sleeping pill. Sigh! I wont be doing any actual work tonight. Very soon I’m going to fall asleep and will remain so until my very annoying alarm goes off in the morning.




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