Research Day 2011

As a student at Westwood High  School years ago I jumped at the opportunity to come to the university for their annual Research Day. I had absolutely no interest in research but it was an opportunity to go out and since those were few and far between I convinced my parents just how essential it was for me to make the trip.

Today and tomorrow will mark Research Day 2011. Students from all across the island will be given tours of the university campus and they’ll have the opportunity to find out about the different programmes offered here that they might be interested in doing in a few years as well as some of the research that is currently being done on campus.

Seeing all the “younglings”, some in uniforms I don’t recognize, brings on a wave of nostalgia. The good old days of high school when I wanted nothing more than to be a university student, when my greatest worry was whether I could finish my assigment or whether I would be late for prep*. Those days are no more. Nothing is as simple as it was then and responsibility has become such an integral part of me existence. With only one semester to go all I think about these days is getting a job and the bills I’ll have to pay and how I’ll repay my students’ loan.

For today, I’ll try to revisit the feeling of awe I once had when I thought of this great institution. I’ll try to forget that although its only the first week of school I already have two assignments even though some people are yet to have an official class. I’ll go back to being a “youngling”. Maybe it will remind me what my purpose of coming to UWI was, maybe it will restore the hope I need to get through the final weeks of my degree.

Maybe I’ll take a tour of the campus again, seeing the excitement in the future UWI students might do me some good.

I think I will.

Til later,


*prep – Mandatory study times at Westwood High School.


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