Time to play catch up

I went on a spring cleaning fest today. My clothes are now all clean, my room is so neat I’m afraid to sit on my own bed and I’ve posted a new self-motivational note on my wall. When I woke up today at the crack of noon I realized that I was in that place again where I need to feel like I’m in control. Two weeks into my final semester at uni and I’m already feeling stressed.

As always when I feel like too many things are happening that I can’t control I get busy organizing my little space that I call my room. I think it helps me to clear my mind and I always end up feeling like I’m better able to take on whatever my struggles are. I mean, if I can make my mess of a room into something my mother actually smiles about then who is to say I can’t do two documentaries and get an A+ for each.

I’m finally fully registered for all my courses some of which have assignments that will be due pretty soon. Of course I havent started any just yet but I’ll get on with that tonight. I’ve started filming for my 20 minute documentary and that didn’t go as expected but I will not dwell on that tonight. I still managed to get somethings done and will learn from the this experience. My crew members were good sports so even if they were disappointed that I pulled them out of their beds pretty early for something that didn’t happen they didn’t complain (at least not that I could hear :-))

This week is my week to catch up on all I’ve missed in the past two weeks. I think tonight is gonna be a long night but I’m ready. Operation “Me caa fail school” is in full swing *ear to ear grin*

Til later,



” Success lies in your power to focus and realize what you have seen in spite of the odds.”
Written in 2011 by Bassey Ndon — Nigeria



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