Take some time for yourself

I missed my first two classes today and I’m actually quite happy that I did. Rather than coming to school I spent the morning in bed getting some well needed rest. When I eventually got to school I had more energy to tackle the tasks at hand and I was far more willing to than I would have been had I gotten here early.

This morning reminded me that I have to make time for myself. What’s the use in killing yourself to get everything done if you can’t enjoy it while you do it or if you’ll only be so tired that it wont be the masterpiece you had imagined it would? So as I curled up under my covers and hugged my pillow tighter I went through my plans for my documentary and made a mental to do list. While my body got the rest it needed I also got some work done 🙂 (I couldn’t help it I’m somewhat of a nerd)

I’m done with classes for the day and I just got off work. More me time for a lil while then I’ll go jogging with my frenzies!

This has been a good day.




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