Tears on my pillow

I fell asleep in the middle of a very important conversation last night. Well that’s nothing new and unfortunately people have gotten use to the idea that I might just fall asleep despite what’s happening. Last night was different though. I woke up about 3 o’clock unable to remember what I had been dreaming about but well aware that there were tears streaming down my cheeks. I was tempted to call somebody but then decided not to. What good would it do then? I stayed up for a while listening to some music and eventually sleep won out again.

Stress is my only explanation for what happened. School, life, work… its more than a bit overwhelming and I need a break. Unfortunately that’s not possible so I need a way to deal. What to do? Hmm… I need a new hobby. I’m not athletic, not very artistic, not very… oh dear. How will I ever get a hobby.



I planned to share this song then I realized that the Video says Happy Valentines Day, which reminds me. Happy Valentine’s Day to those who celebrate it and to those who don’t look at the bright side – it’ll be over in less than 24 hours :-).





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