Should’ve done this sooner

SO here I am at 2 am trying to finish a paper that is due in a few hours. Once again I’m saying I should’ve done this sooner but this time I have a good excuse reason for doing it just now. In my defense I’ve been trying to get the information I needed to work with from as early as the day this assignment was given (about 3 weeks ago). However I was trying the wrong places so all the people I got through to kept saying they can’t help me or that I should call them back or my personal favourite (which pretty much means you’re screwed) that they’ll call me back.

By the way, my assignment is to write an analysis of the management systems of a free-to-air broadcast media entity in my country. This gave me the option of using one of three local television stations and at least 12 radio stations, one of which is right on my university campus and owned and operated by the university. Needless to say that it was the hardest to get through to and that Miss Cheeseman lady needs someone to kick her in the ass.

After all my attempts at getting somewhere myself I ended up having to sponge off the information one friend got from another friend (luckily i have those things eh!). That along with a few things I’ve found on the net and I’m now trying to see if I can still salvage an A for this paper.

To be quite honest I’m not in the best of spirits at the moment as I have a video shoot for my documentary on teenage pragnancy in the morning and I’m not as prepared as I would like to be. But I’ve managed to produce great work at this hour of the morning before. Lets see if I remember how to do that.

Til later darlings,

I’ve got a paper to finish writing.



2 comments on “Should’ve done this sooner

  1. Oh Shermz :-), u’ll do gr8 :-). ….As 4 me and this assignment, I just got up (at 3 am) to start working on it :-)-gonna hit up a couple websites and put sumn together :-/ *crossing my fingers and hoping for the best*

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