Nobody said it would be easy

A series of rather unfortunate events left me in tears last week.

Now if you know me you will know that I’m that girl who tries to always smile regardless of the circumstances. Its not that I dont cry but rather that I dont like to cry in public. I’ve had my fair share of tearful nights when I’m all alone, or  a one and two breakdown when I’m with my girlies or with my boyfriend but the public thing with random people passing and looking… nope, not my thing.

Last Monday was different though. I was having such a crappy day and by 6pm I was so tired and I just wanted to go home. I decided no to go to my class which was 6-8 and to go home on the 7:30 bus instead. I went to the ATM and got money for the week before I went and bought my bus tickets. I went and sat in the lounge cause I had an hour to pass before walking to the bus bay.

I have no idea what programme was on the TV but I watched it for a while. I remember when it got to 6:30 and people started filing in to watch School’s Challenge Quiz cause I decided to leave at that point. I was having a nasty headache and they were quite noisy. I picked up my Ting from the fridge and went in search of Mokus.

All was well, that is if I didnt think about the fact that my head was splitting and I just wanted to go home.

And then it was time to go home.

When I dipped into my bag… no purse! By this time I was back at the lounge which was even more crowded than it had been earlier. I checked a second time and still, no purse.

Somehow I couldnt control the tears that rolled down my cheeks. I remember thinking, “really? like hasn’t this day been terrible enough?”

Looking back at it now I realize that I wasnt only crying because the purse was lost, I was crying for everything else that had happened that day and the days before that had me feeling quite down.

Mokus bought me new bus tickets so I could get home and once I got home I was asleep within minutes. I overslept the next morning too but luckily I didn’t miss the bus so I wasn’t late for work.

Last monday was one of my worst days since I’ve been at UWI, but in a weird kinda way I’m glad it happened. I mean I got back the purse the next day so I didn’t have to worry too much about that. But more importantly breaking down actually helped me. I got a good night’s rest (which I badly needed) and crying made me feel better (although i was mortfied that all the people on the bus kept staring at me).

I saw a quote this morning that I think is quite nice.

When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.  ~Franklin D. Roosevelt

I will remember that the next time I feel like its been a horrible day and I need to give up 🙂

Til later sweetums,



4 comments on “Nobody said it would be easy

  1. Good post, I really enjoyed it. It takes courage to write something so personal and then share it.

    Also, (if it is any consolation) I have found that dealing with frustrating daily events gets easier as you get older. I suppose it is because you have experienced more of them.

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