What would you tell yourself 10 years ago?

Ten years ago I was ten going on eleven, preparing to sit my Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) which would determine which high school I would attend. My biggest concern then was ensuring that my uniform stayed neat and that my homework was handed in on time (I think). To be quite honest I’m really no too sure I was worried about anything at all back then.

If  I could have a five minute conversation with myself back then knowing what I now know, what would I tell myself?

Hmmm… I probably would be tempted to tell myself not to make some of the choices I have made and not to be involved with some of the people I’ve met. I’d be tempted to tell myself to choose a wider range of subjects in school and to learn to have more fun. I probably would tell myself to set some goals a little earlier.

But on second thought I doubt I would say all that. I probably would end up saying something like “well Sher, you’re not going to have it easy and you’re going to cry yourself to sleep a few nights but in everything you do just have fun! Life is short, enjoy it!!”

Of course being the kind of ten year old I was I would probably believe that my older self telling me about how short life is might mean that I’m going to  die early.

Anyhoo, I would not want my ten year old self to know what I know now because that would lead to making some different decisions which would in turn mean that I would be living a different life today. My life is far from perfect and yes I have cried myself to sleep but I love my life. I have a family that is very supportive and very proud of all I’ve achieved  and even that which I haven’t achieved just yet. My wonerful friends (though few) mean the world to me. They are crazy but I love them. And the Huzzy and I are doing great (its a good thing he’s a patiendt man). Trust me, I’m not always the easiest to deal with.

So my advice to me ten years ago is no different than my advice to me now (or to anybpdyelse for that matter).

You have but one life to live and you are going to make mistakes. Try not to dwell o n them. Ask for forgiveness when you are wrong and learn to forgive others in return, it makes things that much simpler to handle. Make the most of every opportunity that you come across. Be the best YOU you can be and learn that sometimes you’ll just have to let go and have fun, whether this means singing in the shower or singing on Broadway, just enjoy life. And never forget to SMILE 🙂 it makes everything seem lighter.




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