Silent Tears

The captivating smile masks the pain that cuts through to my very core.

The world knows not of the myriad of things buried deep inside;

The perpetual struggles that often paralyze my mind.

And every time I think it’s over,

I discover there is more.

More misery, more jealousy, more hatred and grief,

More envy, more pain and the hurt that never cease.

I fight to hold on to optimism but it slips so far away,

I worry about all the things I can’t talk about today.

The mistakes that still haunt me although I’ve tried to reconcile

The past I try to bury that keeps rising all the while

Life isn’t always easy

But it shouldn’t have to always be so hard.

These tears that finally roll down my cheek may be my saving grace.

For the sake of saving face… I have for too long cried the most painful and silent tears.



My attempt at writing a poem. I did it a while with no intention of posting it.

ps… I’m not a poet.


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