CEO me!

With only a few weeks left in my university sojourn I look back on the three years with great excitement. It is almost over! This thought is however interrupted by the fact that I’ll be moving from being a fulltime student to being “fulltime unemployed”. The excitement fades a little as I ask myself the question; what will I do then?

Of course I have been job hunting so I’m not totally lost but in the event that the job takes a while to pull through I’ll need something to with my time. Thankfully the Entrepreneurial Skills course has made me consider things I probably wouldn’t have a few months ago. I have a skill. A skill that can make me money!

Years ago as a high school student I learnt how to make personalized armbands. Back then it was very difficult to do and I only made for family and friends. Over the years however I have perfected that art and what once took me three hours to make can now be done in less than a half hour. In sixth form I was strapped for cash so I made a few samples and managed to convince the first formers at my school that all the “cool” sixth formers were wearing them so in no time I had too more orders than I ever imagined I would. People wanted their names or cute little phrases written on their armbands and friends got them in matching colours. I was rich (well not really but I had a tidy sum of money).

Sixth form ended and I moved on the UWI. I no longer had access to the market I had been serving so my business got shut down, just about forgotten until just two months ago. As a student of Entrepreneurial Skills I started thinking of ways I can make money on my own and my business came to mind again. Of course this time I would need to appeal to a whole new market. I would need research and a marketing strategy and… I would need a business plan. Yes that is what I would need.

A mission statement, goals and objectives, strengths and weaknesses… I know what my start up cost would be and it would only take a few months to break even. Yes I can do this. I’ve got a business of my own (well not yet but I will soon).

By the end March I was more than half way through my business plan for Sherjei’s Craft Services, my business that will provide customized and personalized armbands, pens, pencils and book markers. I’ve made samples and started writing proposals for hotels and gift shops. By the end of June I should be able to make an Elevator pitch for the managing director of Outameni so my products can be in the Outameni gift shop very soon and I’m working on getting in touch with someone with from Sandals to see about getting my products in their gift shops too.

My Skill… my hobby, about to become my business. This should be interesting.

Well as much as I often hated how demanding this Entrepreneurial skills course was I can’t say it did nothing for me.




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