U call me a hypocrite??

Twice in less than a week I’ve come across people not so subtly  implying that others are hypocrites and I can’t help wondering if they realize that way in which they approaching the situation makes them as much of a hypocrite as they are accusing someone else of being.

Interestingly we all want people to be straightforward with us and to come to us in the event that they have a problem yet very few of us do that when we are the ones with the problems.

We argue that people are being hypocritical because rather than saying “yo Sher I don’t appreciate what you said earlier,” they find it more convenient to say “Liv you wont believe what Sher did.” I’m not even going to pretend that I don’t do it too, at some point in life we are all a little hypocritical… I’m just saying if you live in a glass house don’t throw stones!!! You call me a hypocrite? Hunny the fact that you never said so to my face makes you a bigger hypocrite than me.



The Children’s homework

Last  night I got home a little after 8 o’clock. Of course I had a lot of work to do but as usual I was tired. My nephew didn’t seem to notice though as he asked ever so sweetly, “Aunty Shermaine can you help me with my homework please?”

Of course I didn’t want to say no cause if I don’t help him it probably wouldn’t get done as his grandmother was busy and his mother… well lets not get into that. I inquired about the assignment and was told he is to make a volcano out of papier mache. Ahm… this homework is due this morning so I’m sure he’s had it for a while, yet I’m only just hearing about it. Hmmm it is way too early for him to have this last minute attitude towards his work, we’ll need to work on that.

Anyway we got to tearing newspapers only to realize there is no glue to work with. Luckily for him his grandmother suggested that we use a flour paste which his other aunt helped out with. For about half hour my nephew, his sisters and I sat shredding newspapers and talking. Well them talking and me listening and working. They talked about some kids at school who did not complete an assignment and was given a yellow letter to take home to their parents (apparently a yellow letter means you need to bring your parent with you the next time you come to school). They talked about how many times their teachers point out that they have the best project in the class or that their work was neater than the others. They talked about how Daddy (their grandfather) makes things for them that no other parent makes for their children, and how Aunty Shermaine types their projects and add pretty pictures that impress the teachers and how aunty Toya always does the stylish writing…

My mind wandered for a bit and I started thinking of what it will be like when I have my own children to help with their homework. I smiled as I imagined my son (whose name will not be Fortis or Jerome) working with his father to make a volcano (yes, my husband will need to do that 🙂 )… and my daughter helping out/making a mess while they work.

I was brought back to reality by a comment my nephew made. “Shermaine I’m glad you’re in my family,” he said… and my heart just melted. One of the things I love about children is that they say what they think without evaluating the effect it will have and what my nephew said really touched me. He’s glad I’m in his family because I always help him. It is always good to know you’re appreciated even by the little ones 🙂

So… moral of this story? I wanna have children. Not right now but in a few years. I want to have a husband before I have these children too so we can take care of them together and help them with their homework together.

So… hubby, no pressure babe you still have a few years before we become parents and to the future Godparents, hmmm please start preparing to buy gifts.

I’m really looking forward to the day that I will be appreciated by my own children…

til later,


I was trying to embed a video but for some reason it refused to work. A year ago this song got stuck in my head for days (don’t know if the bestie will remember). Check it out Natasha Bedingfield – I Wanna Have Your Babies

21 Baby!!!

I celebrated my 21st birthday yesterday and I’m still smiling at the wonderful memories I created :D!!!

21!!! all grown up but the look of innocence will never fade 🙂

My girlies went to watch Fast Five with me!!! Awesome movie, awesomer girls 😀

My husband (well... to be lol)

Yup, there is evidence. She's a shorty :p

<3<3<3 Baby Modda

Smiles 😀

Love this pic

Love this one more 😀