U call me a hypocrite??

Twice in less than a week I’ve come across people not so subtly  implying that others are hypocrites and I can’t help wondering if they realize that way in which they approaching the situation makes them as much of a hypocrite as they are accusing someone else of being.

Interestingly we all want people to be straightforward with us and to come to us in the event that they have a problem yet very few of us do that when we are the ones with the problems.

We argue that people are being hypocritical because rather than saying “yo Sher I don’t appreciate what you said earlier,” they find it more convenient to say “Liv you wont believe what Sher did.” I’m not even going to pretend that I don’t do it too, at some point in life we are all a little hypocritical… I’m just saying if you live in a glass house don’t throw stones!!! You call me a hypocrite? Hunny the fact that you never said so to my face makes you a bigger hypocrite than me.



2 comments on “U call me a hypocrite??

  1. I agree, that’s what i wrote about earlier this month about that thing last yr march. didn’t see this feed in the email tho. But my question is – how do we change or solve this?

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