Happy Monday :)

Mondays aren’t always my happiest days but today doesn’t seem so bad.

Maybe its because I got paid last week, or because I’m finally done with doing field work for Statin, or because my superman started working this morning… or for whatever reason… I’m happy today.




It will all get better with time

Thank God It’s Friday!!!!!!!

I dont think anyone in this world is as happy as i am to know that this is the last day of the working week.

I’m so tired although i slept until way  after eleven this morning. I’m still not use to this working thing yet.

Wednesday made two weeks since I started working at Cable News and Sports. I cant believe it’s only been two weeks!!!!! Jah Know star it feels like two months already… I guess by the time two months end I’ll feel two years older (that’s not a good thing – will need to work on that)

So much has happened since…

I think I’ve been adjusting but I’ve had a few really rough days. I’ve heard it will all get better with time though so I’ll wait and see. I haven’t been bawling (to any great extent) so I’m not doing too badly and my reading and presentation skill shave been improving but there’s still work to be done.

Anyhoo… I had an amazing weekend.

Yea, yea I know it’s kinda late to talk about the weekend since its the weekend again but please allow me!

Saturday was amazing (that is if i don’t count the census work I had to do in the morning morning – Hubby made up for that later though :))

Yea so I was saying,  Saturday was great, awe-inspiring,

And Sunday was great too.

I went to St Mary on sunday for my bestfriend’s birthday and had to come back to town the same day.

The trip was worth it though, I got an apple that was bigger than my head (n my head not small at all) plus I got authentic jelly coconut water and I got birthday cake and… it was a good day. Oh I almost forgot Olivia Sheena Maxwell went to church in one hot girl dress :)!!!! She looked stunning (much to the envy of quite a few people but that’s another story). Happy Birthday again Hunz.

So after two weeks I’m tired. Seriously tired. This job… I swear requires more of me than if I had gone to work for TVJ or CVM.

Interestingly too, I’m not sure what my position here is cause I wont be given a contract until after my probation ends in three months but so far I am the news and business writer, editor and presenter. Oh and  I think I’m newsroom editor too, I choose the stories, I compile the newscast… (which I need to go start doing now)

Can’t wait for this day to be over!!!

Hello Weekend :). I dare you to top last week (lol please I need you to)



My Mommy Graduated Today :) :) !!!!!!!

My mother graduated today and I couldn’t be there 😦

It sucks to be grown up and to have a job and all those “good stuff”… Oh how I miss the good old days of being in primary school…

Anyhoo. This post is not about me so….

I’m soooooooooooooooooo proud of my mother. At fifty years old she’s graduating for the first time in her life. She never completed All Age school and she never went to high school. By the time  she was my age she was already married with three children (one of the reasons I had a deadly fear of getting pregnant early, had to achieve enough for both of us as she missed out on a significant part of being young).

My mother has made so many sacrifices for her children and it makes me so happy to think of her collecting her certificate for being the most outstanding student. OMG i’m tearing up! I wish I was there!!

Thanks to my brother I can watch th entire function when I get home.

Wow, did I mention that i’m proud???

I’ll have to tell you all about my mother in subsequent posts cause i have to go read the news at 9… I cant wait to get home 🙂



The pit pit patter of the rain drops…

I stepped outside the office and without noticing I stepped into a puddle. An untimely reminder of the rainfall we’ve been getting for the past few days. I was tempted to get mad but then I thought – What am i getting mad at? The rain? The puddle? So…I went about my way.

For some reason this little episode reminded me of my time as a student at Westwood High School in Trelawny. I started thinking about the fact that we had devotions two times per day everyday and then the number of times I helped to lead those devotions in my final year because of my involvement with ISCF. The endless skits, and songs and Bible verses…

Speaking of which, thats how I first got the name SHER-J. We had to do a skit for valentines’ sunday and I played the role of a girl with the perfect man AJ (which was eventually revealed to mean Almighty Jesus). I really enjoyed that skit… I wonder why I never joined UDAS at UWI… hmmm. Anyhoo by the end of the skit I was Mrs. AJ. So I became SherJ. To this day Natalia White (Pretty Girl) still calls me that.

I use to love general devotions but I also had my own little quiet times. This was something I started in firth form where I’d read my Bible and have a little talk with the Big Man. Sadly I don’t do this anymore although I know I should…

In trying to figure out what to call this blog, The Pit Pit Patter came to mind. Probably I had been singing that song this morning. Its actually one of my favourite Nursery Rhymes.

I Love the Pit-Pit Patter of the rain drops,
I love the buzz-buzz buzzing of the bee,
But the thing I love the best, it’s the very, very best,
Is to know that God loves me.

I love I love

I love the chirp-chirp chirping of the birdies

I love the sweet-sweet smelling of the rose

But the thing I love the best, it’s the very, very best,
Is to know that God loves me.

Oh the good old days.

Anyhoo, before I get caught up in all things great about childhood,  I think I have work to do.


Day 2 – I want to quit?

SO i’m a little emotional at the minute so what I’m about to say might not make much sense but Its only day 2 and I want to quit.

My mother will be graduating next week wednesday and I wont be able to go. Its something I’ve been looking forward to since september beause I know how much it means to her. I wont be able to go because I’ll be working. A job that I took because I dont want to be at home sitting down so i decided that I could come here to build my resume. A job that pays peanuts and has not benefits. A job that… let me stop there.

I’m upset. I’m hurt and I have to read the news at 9. I guess the challenges keep coming cause I’ll soon need to cheer up and go smile for my nonexistent audience!!


U never know until you know

I cannot count the number of times I’ve sat infront my tv with my sister and counted the mistakes being made by the presenters. I dont know how many times I’ve made the point that some presenters’ teleprompter has failed and they cant catch on and follow a simple script…

Well today, though  only for five minutes, I learnt what it felt like to be on the other side of that criticism. Of course I’m not hearing anybody saying all the things I would say but I know what I would say in the situation so you can guess what went through my mind as the teleprompter I was reading from stopped scrolling and I had to revert to reading from my script.

I read as best I could but I’m well aware that it was no where neargood enough. Sigh!!!  Once I started reading from the script I could not find where I was on the prompter and when I finally did I was just too flustered to read fluently. My happiest moment had to be when I said pleasane viewing.

WOW… I’ll think I’ll actually lay off criticising presenters from now on… (lol, never gonna happen).

This is still early days yet. I’m allowed to mess up while I learn. Lets see how things will turn out at 9 tonight when I have to be on for at least twenty minutes.

Anyhoo… I gots work to do so



I’m gonna be on TV

I got my name from a television news presenter, Shermaine Robottom. To this day I have not a clue what she looks like but she still does Wellness Watch on CVM tv and I absolutely love her voice.

To make a long story short, I decided at an early age that I want to be a journalist and I did not want to write for a newspaper. “I wanna be the lady out in the hurricane that you see on the news,” I told my mother once. Of course she thought I was crazy but when I decided to study media and communications at CARIMAC she said nothing to discourage me.

Three years later I’m done with my degree and in my search for a job I’ve ended up at Cable News and Sports as a reporter/presenter. Somewhat ironic as I had sort of given up on being on tv and had gotten more interested in the production aspect of television during my time at university…

 In less than half an hour I’ll be reading news in 5 at 6… wait that means in less than half hour someone somewhere will watch this station and see me on it…Oh Jeez!!.

Unfortunately the station is not free to air and my cable company doesnt carry it so nobody at my house will see me :(. Mokus has flow (I think) so that’s one person that I know.

Anyhoo… This is the beginning of what I hope will be a very promising future.


There’s so much more I have to tell you but i probably should go read the script.

So… til later,