I’m gonna be on TV

I got my name from a television news presenter, Shermaine Robottom. To this day I have not a clue what she looks like but she still does Wellness Watch on CVM tv and I absolutely love her voice.

To make a long story short, I decided at an early age that I want to be a journalist and I did not want to write for a newspaper. “I wanna be the lady out in the hurricane that you see on the news,” I told my mother once. Of course she thought I was crazy but when I decided to study media and communications at CARIMAC she said nothing to discourage me.

Three years later I’m done with my degree and in my search for a job I’ve ended up at Cable News and Sports as a reporter/presenter. Somewhat ironic as I had sort of given up on being on tv and had gotten more interested in the production aspect of television during my time at university…

 In less than half an hour I’ll be reading news in 5 at 6… wait that means in less than half hour someone somewhere will watch this station and see me on it…Oh Jeez!!.

Unfortunately the station is not free to air and my cable company doesnt carry it so nobody at my house will see me :(. Mokus has flow (I think) so that’s one person that I know.

Anyhoo… This is the beginning of what I hope will be a very promising future.


There’s so much more I have to tell you but i probably should go read the script.

So… til later,



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