Day 2 – I want to quit?

SO i’m a little emotional at the minute so what I’m about to say might not make much sense but Its only day 2 and I want to quit.

My mother will be graduating next week wednesday and I wont be able to go. Its something I’ve been looking forward to since september beause I know how much it means to her. I wont be able to go because I’ll be working. A job that I took because I dont want to be at home sitting down so i decided that I could come here to build my resume. A job that pays peanuts and has not benefits. A job that… let me stop there.

I’m upset. I’m hurt and I have to read the news at 9. I guess the challenges keep coming cause I’ll soon need to cheer up and go smile for my nonexistent audience!!



2 comments on “Day 2 – I want to quit?

  1. I’m not finding the channel shermz!!!! Sigh is it 100?? Hurry n tell me so I can catch u tonight. And don’t quit. Let me tell u a story u see the head of my department at school she was once cleaning floors but no matter what u do do ur best cause many times ur impression meets people before they meet u!! Love u loads and I’m here!!! Keep it up as well

    • the channel is on 115 on Flow… I wont quit but its harder than i thought it would be. If you find it watch it tonight and smile a special smile just for you lol

      love you too hun

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