U never know until you know

I cannot count the number of times I’ve sat infront my tv with my sister and counted the mistakes being made by the presenters. I dont know how many times I’ve made the point that some presenters’ teleprompter has failed and they cant catch on and follow a simple script…

Well today, though  only for five minutes, I learnt what it felt like to be on the other side of that criticism. Of course I’m not hearing anybody saying all the things I would say but I know what I would say in the situation so you can guess what went through my mind as the teleprompter I was reading from stopped scrolling and I had to revert to reading from my script.

I read as best I could but I’m well aware that it was no where neargood enough. Sigh!!!  Once I started reading from the script I could not find where I was on the prompter and when I finally did I was just too flustered to read fluently. My happiest moment had to be when I said pleasane viewing.

WOW… I’ll think I’ll actually lay off criticising presenters from now on… (lol, never gonna happen).

This is still early days yet. I’m allowed to mess up while I learn. Lets see how things will turn out at 9 tonight when I have to be on for at least twenty minutes.

Anyhoo… I gots work to do so




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