The “Mischievious” workings of God

I know, I know… The saying is that “God works in mysterious way” but my grandmother said it differently.

My Grandmother died when I was very young so I’ve never actually heard her describe the workings of God but I’ve heard the stories.

During a testimony in church one day she called on the congregation to “Praise the Lord” as she talked about the “mischievous” ways in which god had worked in her life. Of course she didn’t quite get the idiom (if I can call it that) correct but she wasn’t wrong…

God has the most amazing sense of humour ever. Of course most of us can’t take a joke so we might not realize this but the Big Man is constantly sending us things to make a rough day feel lighter.

I was watching the movie Evan Almighty on Sunday  night (surprisingly for the first time). While the movie is fictional it got me thinking of the factual “mischievous” workings of God.

In the movie Joan Baxter (Lauren Graham) leaves her husband Evan Baxter (Steve Carell) because she (and everyone else) believes he is going crazy. To be fair to her she had a good reason. Which modern man builds an ark and of all places in New York?

Anyway after she left home and is at a restaurant, a programme on TV is making fun of her husband and that’s when God (Morgan Freeman) appears to her. He gets her to open up and she talks about the strange way in which her husband had been acting.

His response to her happened to be the most profound message I got from this movie.

He asked her about how she thinks God works.

“If  someone prays for patience does God give him patience or does he give him the opportunity to be patient?” he asked.

He continued… “If someone prays for courage does God give them courage or give them the opportunity to be courageous?”

This statement resonated with me. For the past few months I’ve consistently prayed for patience. In September I wrote a blog post (I Pray for Patience) about my quest to become a more patient person following some difficulties at work.

Could this have been a direct message to me and is God working in mischievous ways in my life right now?

My boss might be the most annoying person I’ve ever come across and if dealing with him isn’t a grande opportunity to be patient I don’t know what is.

So from here on out, lets see if rather than complaining that my boss gets on my nerves I can learn to handle it :).

Another lesson I learnt from that movie was with relation to the building of an ark in New York City. The literal ark was necessary in the movie because developers had cut corners and the dam was to break and all the people would’ve drowned without it but there’s more to the ark than boards and nails.

At the end of the movie we realize that the modern day ark is not a wooden structure on which you’ll load a pair of each animal but rather Acts of Random Kindness (ARK) which are much much easier to do.

It’s holding a door for someone, giving an elderly person or a pregnant lady your seat on the bus. Building an everyday ark is in saying I’m sorry when you’re wrong and in helping a child to cross the street. It is in asking someone how they are doing and actually stopping to listen… and the list goes on.

Often times we have not a clue the far reaching effect that our ARK has on others.

So… who said movies were mere fiction? Evan Almighty was shown on TV at a time when I would be watching to remind me that God works in “Mischievous” 🙂 .

– Sherjei.



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