Baptism by fire

My very reliable phone alarmed at 6 this morning, and as usual I turned it of without even even stirring in my sleep. A “still small voice” was trying to tell me its time to get up but I was choosing to ignore it. However My “peace” would soon be disturbed by my father who inquired whether I intended to go to work today.

That was my cue to roll out of bed since its my first official day and I can’t afford to be late. I got ready and even made breakfast in under 45 minutes (took me twice as much time to get ready of my last job although I was doing the same things).

As I walked to the bus stop and saw the size of the crowd I knew I’d probably have to walk to Half-Way-Tree, and of course I was right. When the bus came there were no seats left in it so I pushed through with the rest of the crowd to get a space which would see me balancing all my weight on one leg and being thrown around every time the bus took a corner all the way to the final stop.

So…I get to Half-Way-Tree and I have 40 minutes to go before work begins. Yes! This is nice, there is no way i can be late today! …

Boy was I wrong! Twenty minutes later I gave up on trying to get a taxi and slowly made my way to the Transport Centre… (That brought me back some three to four years… sixth form days… but thats a different story) The bus eventually came at 8:25 which meant I was late for my first official day at work. Not to worry though the receptionist at the office was also on the bus so if push come to shove she can vouge for me :).

I walk into the office at 8:39 and run into my supervisor and one of the big bosses in the lobby.

“Hey Shermaine, come with me,”  was his response to my greeting of Good Morning as he headed toward the multimedia department.

Crap! I can’t really be in trouble for this. Its only the first day! Sigh.

We get to the office and he hands me a paper. I start reading “Please follow through…”

“Its all pretty much organized already but just do what’s on the paper, I’m going to Mobay for a cite visit. Have a great day u hear?” and with that he was gone.

Ah… Ah… well… OK… I guess I’m on my own then.

I was told last week that its going to be baptism by fire so I guess I should’ve been prepared for something like this.

I sat in his (my supervisor) chair and opened his MacBook Pro. Checked my email and allowed myself to calm down before I started on the list he sent me. For today I get to be the boss of my department cause the y haven’t set up  a machine for me yet s i staying at the boss desk 🙂 lol

The rest of the day went pretty smoothly (that is if I don’t count the amount of times I annoyed Amoy with my questions. How do I do this? What do i do about that?  can you please help me…?)

The good thing though is that I got it all done… I think… I hope.





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