To My Unborn Child

Dear Poohbear,

I’ve been thinking about you a lot over the past few weeks. I’m still not ready to bring you into this world just yet but I want you to know that you are already loved and wanted.

Well if I must be honest I think I am ready for you; physically and emotionally that is… but financially it is still a challenge so we’ll have to wait a while longer. Your daddy and I can’t get married just yet and while I would be OK with you being born before such time I doubt he is (Don’t judge me, I do have morals too lol…) … so we wait.

And while we wait we plan.

Today we start planning for your education so you don’t end up like your Mommy with too much debt and too little money… Mommy now owes the Students’ Loan Bureau over a million dollars for her university degree and I would really hate for that to happen to you too. So today I’m gonna start saving for you.

Since I’ve started working at Main Event I generally walk from Trees  to work in the mornings and back to Trees in the evenings. This saves me $160 every day in taxi fare. If i start putting this money away for you we’ll be well on our way by the time you turn 16 and is ready for college.

For each week I’ll save 160×5=$800

Which means each month I’ll save 800×4=$3200

And if I do this for a year then I’ll have saved 3200×12=$38400

Now in the grand scheme of things things $38400 doesn’t really seem like much but if we take into account the fact that you ‘re not here yet and probably wont get here for another 4/5 years, we still have another 20/21 years until you start university and and that will take us to $768000/$806400… That should be able to help out some right?

I’m not trying to confuse you with these figures Poohbear but I just want you to rest assured that you’ll be well taken care of. We might not even need to pay for Uni since you’re gonna get a scholarship right? (lol no pressure). We’ll start preparing from early so by the time you get to high school you’re exams can almost write themselves :).

We’ll make funny songs to the tune of  twinkle twinkle little stars so your first words might be something along the lines of “Belmopan is to Belize as Kingston is to Jamaica” and we’ll get Rosetta Stone for the languages you want to learn and… we’ll get more into this at another time :).

So today we start planning for you Poohbear. Today Mommy will buy a piggy bank and start saving for your university degree.

Everything will be just fine…

Love Always,



7 comments on “To My Unborn Child

  1. Hey! I was just going through different wordpress and I couldn’t avoid reading this beautiful piece of writing.
    The only thing I want to say is that your words are truly touching and I wish you the best for you and your Poohbear. I’m sure he/she will be the most loved boy in the world.


  2. AWE!!! I love this! If only more people would think like that and actually plan for their children! Of-course I understand how the ‘heat of the moment’ situations work ..but still!

    Love the writing style! Best wishes!

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