Rumour has it…

What you don't see with your eyes, don't witness with your mouth.  ~Jewish Proverb

I’ve long accepted that at some point in my life my name will be called in/on something that I am not guilty of but I’ve never made much of it as my sister always says “its not what people say about you, its what you’re guilty of.” If I’m not guilty then let the world have its fun.

Two months ago I started a new job. I was anxious because it is a great opportunity to learn and to broaden my horizons… but I was also anxious because it would be a new environment, new people, new politics!

So I gave myself that little pep talk and was well prepared to take on the world (kinda-ish). I showed up to work with a smile and did what I whatever I was asked to do. For the first few days I observed… I pinpointed the loud mouths, the trouble makers, the quiet ones, the crazy ones, the go to people… and the ones to stay far far away from. I talked to everybody, smiles with everybody but I decided to make very few friends and try as best as possible to keep work out of my personal life and vice versa.

Whether that was a smart decision I still don’t know but it clearly caused some tongues to wag and not in a way I was hoping for. Apparently it is/was being said that there is “something” going on between me and a co-worker. So we have become friends… Yea… What’s so wrong with that? And how is it anybody’s business anyway…

I was waiting for someone to ask me about it so I could tell them to go chuck off to mind their own business but I’m guessing since I’m the new kid on the block they wont actually come to me… Oh Well! Hmmm… I’d rather not be the subject of office gossip but its not something I can control so lets let them have their fun.

Like all rumours this too shall pass… and until such time all who has something to say can pucker up and kiss my ass derriere!




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