Boy Meets Girl

I’ll tell you a story, though not of my own,

But I think it’s a story that’s often been told.

Of how girl meets boy, and boy meets girl,

And suddenly they’re the only two people in the world.

Thoughts are consumed by images of passion,

And flirting is carefully disguised in the fashion.

The glances, the conversations, the “accidental” touch…

The silence that’s screaming “I want you so much”.

A hug is prolonged, which then leads to a kiss…

Oh how that will be adding a new twist!!

Feelings are admitted, hearts put on the line,

Maybe even that yearned after request to “be mine”

Things couldn’t be better; all is right with the world,

Girl says she loves boy just as boy loves girl…

The story continues but I’ll leave it right here,

Cause life as we know it isn’t always fair.

You want and you hope and you fight and you pray,

But subconsciously you know it’ll all end one day.

– Sherjei


Reality Check

You know that moment when you realize that everything that you believe is not true? …I had that moment today!
I went to the doctor to get a new prescription for the eczema that was threatening to ruin my face and got news I was not prepared to hear.
I weigh 10 pounds more than I did when I visited the doctor six months ago. 10 as in TEN 10! Oh jeez! *woosah* *woooooosaaaah*

Now this wouldn’t have been so bad had I not been under the impression that I had lost some weight… Where did I get that from I don’t know but my mind has played a dirty trick on me 😦 hmmm…

As if the TEN pounds hadn’t put a big enough hole in my heart (and self esteem/confidence) the doctor found it necessary to inform me that I had inched out of the “normal” BMI bracket. Normal BMI is 21-25 and based on my current height and weight my BMI is 25.5.

I’m overweight! *cringes*
Overwei… I can’t say it twice in one minute. I swear I’m freaking out.

I guess its safe to say this is the result of exercising two days n then forgetting about it after… This is the result of ‘making’ the most of the chinese when its an option for lunch at work… This is the result of me letting myself go while convincing myself that all is well…

When I look in the mirror now I can see the tires hanging over my pants waist (I swear they weren’t there this morning, at least they weren’t so Huge!)

I’ve accepted that I have a problem and I can’t keep living like this…
Today I decided that I need to lose 20 pounds and I’m going to do it (before my next check up).

So Mr Exercise and Madam portion control you are my new best friends.

Day 1… I weigh 153 lbs.


Playing… with fire

Mysterious… Intriguing… A recipe for trouble.

Reasons to walk away,

Yet curiosity is making me stay.

Curiosity will be the death of me.

I want my chance to try, to do , to live to learn, to make mistakes…

My chance to be.

I want that thrill,

the thrill only attained through knowing that some danger lies ahead

but just in the knick of time I will escape.

Its a test.

A test of strength, of will power, of faith

How far can I go.. how far is too far.

Mysterious… intriguing… a recipe for trouble.

I Need to walk away, yet curiosity is making me stay.


Pretty Girl has Issues

Looks can be deceiving… If I never agreed with that saying before I definitely agree now.

I was at the bus stop in Trees waiting on a coaster bus to go home from work. As per usual the area is crowded and I’m trying to find the most strategic location to stand so I wouldn’t have to push and shove to get into the bus when it eventually arrive.

A young woman came to stand beside me. She was dressed in a business suit and her long processed hair was pulled back in a ponytail. Very quietly she stood there in her 5 inch heels waiting (as everyone else was) for the bus to come. With her professional attire, her seemingly quiet demeanour and her good looks I thought “hmmm… this is a nice young lady”.

When the bus came it stopped right our feet, Lucky us right? We sat in the seats right behind the driver and I put my earphones in and turned my music on. The bus picked up the usual ‘200’ persons (although it is only licensed to carry 30) and we set off on our way to Portmore. As we approached the toll road the conductor made his usual announcement “all fares please.”

Everything was seemingly ok, passengers were all handing over their money and then it all changed. The lady beside me made no move to go into her handbag or purse or pocket or bosom or whatever… she just sat there. The conductor asked for the “other person pon the front” to send the fare over but even then she didn’t budge. He asked again, louder this time. This time she responded very quietly “me nuh have none.”

“Weh u say?” asked the conductor, with a puzzled look on his face.

“Me nuh have no money,” she replied, without even looking up.

The conductor started shouting, “Look ere ooman, if u nuh have u fare me ago lef u pon the toll! Me tired a it now! everyday unuh come dress up pretty an caa pay fare! It naa go work!!”

Of course everybody is now looking at the subject of the conductor’s fury. With all eyes on her she’s obviously embarrassed and decided to respond. That’s what shocked me and probably everyone else on the bus.

Remember when we first saw her in Trees? Professional attire, seemingly quiet demeanour? … well now we can forget all of that and replace it with a woman shouting “dutty suck p***** beep beep beep ductor, if me nuh f***ing ave di blood  beep beep beep beep money weh me fi get it from…”

*Aside… pinch me cause this nuh real! How she transition so fast??!!

“Weh u waa me fi do eh bwoy, tek it outta me beep beep beep p***y an give yuh…” she continued.

All this time I sat there looking at her through the side of my crossed eyes wondering what happened to the woman I was sitting beside all along and where the hell this woman came from.

The argument continued until the bus got to Portmore mall, where the woman came off, told the conductor a few more choice words and walked away. As she walked away the lady who now occupied the seat she was sitting in made a remark that I found very fitting “Pretty girl has issues…”