Boy Meets Girl

I’ll tell you a story, though not of my own,

But I think it’s a story that’s often been told.

Of how girl meets boy, and boy meets girl,

And suddenly they’re the only two people in the world.

Thoughts are consumed by images of passion,

And flirting is carefully disguised in the fashion.

The glances, the conversations, the “accidental” touch…

The silence that’s screaming “I want you so much”.

A hug is prolonged, which then leads to a kiss…

Oh how that will be adding a new twist!!

Feelings are admitted, hearts put on the line,

Maybe even that yearned after request to “be mine”

Things couldn’t be better; all is right with the world,

Girl says she loves boy just as boy loves girl…

The story continues but I’ll leave it right here,

Cause life as we know it isn’t always fair.

You want and you hope and you fight and you pray,

But subconsciously you know it’ll all end one day.

– Sherjei


4 comments on “Boy Meets Girl

  1. Don’t I know that it’ll all end. SMH … Just had a similar story end recently (#randomthought – nothing in life ever changes, how many of us can tell this story? … :)) but life goes on….and new loves are formed.

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