One – Two – Step

You know when you watch those exercise videos on the internet that has an instructor and a class and everybody seems to know what to do and its oh so easy to follow?

Well I walked right into that exercise video when I got to the gym yesterday. Welcome to Step Aerobics!

I got my step and started making my way to the back of the class when the instructor tried to intercept me.

“You’ll learn better at the front of the class, ”  he said with a sweet smile.

“Not today.” I replied with a shy smile.

The front of the class? Oh No! Too soon for that…

The class starts and to my surprise I’m learning, I can do this. I’m dancing on the inside… so motivated 🙂

Fastforward 15 minutes and imagine me standing in the middle of a room. My smile has been replaced by a look of  utter confusion. The instructor is busy giving commands, the class is following the steps and I’m just lost. I feel embarrassed… why cant I keep up?

The girl in the blue track pants looks like she is a pro at this. Maybe if I follow her footsteps I can do this. Ok… here goes. One – two – step, one – two – step.. the instructor says something, I cant hear him over the music, I lose my concentration to look up and just like that I’m lost again. I start scanning the room with eager eyes… I cant be the only person that can’t do this. It is true what they say, misery does love company.

After doing a 360 sweep of the room I relax a little… I’m not the only new comer here, I’m not the only one messing up 🙂 (Don’t judge me! It was a difficult time and that made me feel better)

I give up on the steps and stand to the side of the class watching as everyone else continues. I can’t help but stare at one girl who insists if trying although she is two steps removed from tripping over her own two feet… hats off to her, at least she has the guts to keep trying. I stifle a small chuckle and feel myself relax a little.

Every five minutes, almost on cue, the class size gets smaller as the steps get more complicated and people give up. But I stay until the end (I like step aerobics, it looks fun and I really want to learn it, maybe it’ll help with my lack of coordination). So what if I couldn’t keep up? Its only the first class!

The class ends and I approach the instructor. His dripping with sweat and I’m as cool as a cucumber. Hew doesn’t look disappointed though, he’s excited, intrigued even. My interest in his class was obvious and I’m guessing that would be why he didn’t hesitate when I asked for 10 minutes of his time to learn the basic steps.

Whatever embarrassment I felt earlier disappeared as I followed his every step. Sweet Sweet Vindication… If I died then I would’ve died a happy woman :D. I Can Do It!

I walk out of class smiling again… I don’t know why but I think I felt… free.

25 minutes on the treadmill, 25 minutes on the crossramp… 290 calories burnt (waaaay waaay below the amount I’m supposed to be burning but I’m hardly alarmed. I had fun) I could tell you about the skinny dude that came on the treadmill beside me and started a silent competition, and about the creepy muscular dude who kept looking at me and averting his gaze whenever I glanced his way but then this post would go on forever and I’m starting to bore myself with these details. Maybe another day…

I stretch… change and head home.

One – Two – Step… I shall learn how to do this… I must.

Sweaty and tired… but having a lot of fun with it




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