Down and Dejected

With all my “self confidence” you’d think a conversation about my weight would not bring me to tears, right?

Naa… wrong. I just walked into the lunchroom at work to deliver a message to someone and low and behold my weight gain became the subject of conversation.

“Shermaine put on nuff weight eee,” commented one person with a big smile on her face.

“Yes, she jus a fat up so,” chimed in someone else. “She neva look so when she jus come here”.

I faked a chuckle and turned and left the room. Went back to my desk and closed my eyes. Its all I could do not to cry. I wonder if nobody thinks I have a mirror… hmmm. Yes! I’m convinced. Clearly they don’t believe that I have the means by which to ascertain that I have indeed gained weight (a lot of it) so they find it necessary to point it out at every available opportunity…

The sad part is that I had/have tried to lose it. I even joined a gym and was making some progress but then came the moment when monthly membership was to be renewed and there was no  money in the purse to do so…

That left me demotivated and the plans to go jogging never materialized…


Down and dejected…



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