Today is Wednesday November 28th. I got paid on November 23rd. Since then I have been repaying debts and paying bills almost every single day. Today I signed on to my Scotia Online to pay two more bills. My account balance is $28,618.58. My rent is $12,500, my student loan is $15,000. If I make this payment I will be left with $1,118.58. After 20 minutes of staring at the account balance on my computer screen I closed the window and opted to go take a walk… this is unreal. This is not my life. It can not be!

I still have bills/loans to attend to amounting to roughly $10,000, My Shoes are threatening to fail soon so I shall be needing one before I next get paid in exactly 24 days time, and… oh yea… I will need to get to work and to eat. Hmm, this shall be interesting.

This is the part where the student loan gets left behind I think…

Oh Well… Such is life.



2 comments on “Paralyzed…

    • Its tough… I literally felt paralyzed but its the cards we were dealt and we have to just keep living. One day we’ll look back on these days and smile knowing that we’ve made our share of sacrifices

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