Dreaming of Christmas Gifts…

I have Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is you” playing in my ear and I can’t help but think that I clearly want a lot more than just a “YOU” this Christmas. My wishlist goes on for pages but I’ll only share 4  things here… (the rest are a little out of my reach… not that these are in my reach either lol)

What I really want

What I really want

1. I want a  60″ Plasma TV – I have a space on my wall for it!!! 😀

OK fine… I understand that the 60″ might be too expensive and I’m not that hard so I’ll take a regular one that’s not a plasma that will show TVJ and CVM for now since I cant afford cable anyway…

This would make me happy, like very very happy

This would make me happy, like very very happy

2. I want an IHome. If we don’t take into consideration the fact that I dont own an ipod or an iphone this is the absolutely perfect and if we do take it into consideration then someone can choose to get me one as well 😀


3. I want 6″ Black pumps with red soles (I always see them in the movies and I want my little piece of the movies too…) Who cares If I can walk in them, I’ll learn *shrugs*

Cant bake fancy cakes without the right tools...

Cant bake fancy cakes without the right tools…

4. I want a baking set… If I don’t get anything else on my list and I get just this I’d soooo elated… Are there any good Samaritans in the world today? Come on… there must be even one… I Want This!!


Yes I know I’ll probably not get anything on this list this Christmas (my friends are as broke as me) but it doesnt hurt to dream and in the mean time I’ll accept any gift that comes my way (groceries, cakes, ham, perfume, clothes, a card… yea u get the picture)


Happy Holidays!



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