Have you ever learnt a word and then suddenly it appears in the book you’re reading, on a website you happen to scroll across, in a random conversation… and pretty much everywhere?

Well until recently my most memorable example of that happening to me was when I learnt the word “ubiquitous”. Maybe is was because the word actually means “Present, appearing, or found everywhere” but from the moment Professor Aggrey Brown used it in a lecture while I was in the first year of  University, the word showed up literally EVERYWHERE!

Its a word that will forever be etched in my mind but it has now been relegated to 2nd place as most memorable as a new word has snatched the coveted 1st place spot from under it. One-Sixty-Six!

Yup, you read correctly. As simple as it sounds, One-Sixty-Six is now the proud holder of first place. Now you can unknit your brows because I’m going to explain exactly how it all happened.

Here’s a look at One-Sixty-Six’s journey to prominence…

(*aside* if this was a movie there would be a cool effect over the following scene so it looks like an old film or at least a product of someone’s mind :))

So…Work has been getting increasingly demanding and frustrating over the past few months. I watched as all the calm and patience I spent years honing and fine tuning just slowly crash and burn and I got more tired and more easily irritated with each passing day.

Then came the day I just flipped, someone was calling my name on something I knew nothing about and I went Ballistic. When I eventually calmed down I went to the HR assistant, inquired as to whether I could take a week’s vacation and quickly filled out the form. Luckily for me this was the last day of the work week and my supervisor (being one of the persons I had flipped on) was in a “I can do this by myself” mood so he quickly signed off.

With the necessary papers signed I packed up my desk and left work. The weekend flew by but I wasn’t concerned as I could sleep in late on Monday. I was on VACATION baby :D!!

The week off was awesome! I started learning how to drive, I went to the beach, I went to visit my mother, I had an amazing birthday and got very thoughtful gifts… Overall I got a chance to relax and unwind with some of the persons that are nearest and dearest to my heart. I enjoyed myself with not a care in the world.

And then the week was over. Its Saturday morning and while I know jolly riding had come to an end I’m trying to hang on to the positive feeling and the thousand teeth smile that the Amazing week has left me with.

Jokingly I say out loud to no one in particular “I wonder how much weight I gained this week” and hopped onto the scale. A decision I would soon regret!

The Scale screamed at me; “One-Sixty-Six”!!!

I gasped, jumped off and sat to catch my breath! That must be wrong! One-Sixty-Six! Nope!

For the second time I stepped on the scale trying to convince myself that my eyes had played a cruel cruel joke on me earlier. Sadly the scale said the same thing it had before. One-Sixty-Six.

I felt a sharp pain in my stomach, a thousand things ran through my mind. I remembered how I had freaked out when I first realized that I weighed 155 pounds, I remembered how I fell in love with myself and my figure when I got to 160 and all my curves were saying howdydoo to everyone I pass… But now… now that I’m at 166 I don’t know how to feel, I don’t know what to do, All I know is that this is not good.

All I know is that 166 will forever be etched in my mind and in the days to come I would see that number in and on everything that my eyes come across…







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