Adulting makes it so hard to dream…

Do you remember the life your 10 year old self dreamt you would have by the time you were 25?

All the places you wanted to go… all the people you wanted to meet… all the adventures you were sure you would undertake?

How is that life going for you now?

Well if you are like me, your 10 year old self would likely be a little disappointed with where you currently are. To be perfectly honest even your 26 year old self may not be so pleased right now…

It’s disheartening and sometimes even a little depressing as the reality continues to hit that you are an adult and some dreams are just that… dreams! With all the responsibilities and demands faced daily you tend to forget  what a beauty life can be and instead dwell in a place of regret, second guessing and self pity.

This place would be where I resided for the past few weeks. As the challenges of my job and my responsibilities at home became increasingly overbearing I spent my days being miserable. Angry at the world and wondering why me.

I started to watch everyone else around me who all suddenly seemed to have life under control; travelling, frolicking and having fun. Meanwhile I’m struggling to pay bills and stay afloat until the next pay check.

I have realized that there is a problem here.. but that problem is not with the world. That problem is with my view of the world. I have forgotten how to dream, how to believe and the true power of faith.

So today I accept that I have a problem… I have stopped dreaming and this is simply unacceptable.

What shall I do to fix this?

Stay tuned and find out…

– Shermaine Grant


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