There Is Always A Reason To Smile… Be Grateful

It’s 5:47am when I bolt out of bed and run into the bathroom. I have exactly 13 minutes before Mr Brown will call to say he is on the way which in turn means it’s time for me to walk out and meet him at the crossing. I know that thirteen minutes does not seem like enough time for anyone to get ready but thankfully I’m a pro at this… thank’s to 5 years of boarding school.

I had not made a final decision on what to wear today and with little time to actually go through the closet I made a quick choice on a dress that has been staring at me for months begging to be worn… despite the expert advice of all my insecurities.

I was sure to put my smile on but my belt, the lotion, and the make up bag were quickly thrown into the handbag as by this time I was at 6:03am and the “leave out now call” had already come.

I got to work at 6:50am today, stopped at my desk,  then went to the restroom to “put on my face”. If you know me at all, you know that this is a very rare occurrence for me, not necessarily because I don’t like make up but because I don’t think it’s necessary for everyday use and well… I can’t really use it very well.

So after about 10 minutes could’ve been 20 or 30 but who’s counting in the restroom I emerged with an even bigger smile than before and more than a little pep in my step.

Smile honey… you are truly beautiful

Of course my insecurities being the experts that they are have been whispering the reminders of the love handles and the “big belly” that are showing which then led to the inclusion of a scarf in the outfit to distract from such flaws… but the smile remained the same :).

As I keep smiling today I am reminded of my recent decision to live a more positive life through gratitude and purpose. So today, once again, I am grateful…

I am grateful for life.

I am grateful for my family and friends.

I am grateful for new opportunities and new adventures.

I am grateful for perceived missed opportunities and the dangers from which I have been spared as a result of them.

And today in particular I am especially grateful for all the persons who will look at me with or without shock (depending on whether or not you know me) then tell me that I look Gorgeous, or Nice, or Beautiful, or Stunning or any variation of those words…

My self confidence thanks you all in advance!

With Love,

Shermaine Grant


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