My 2016 Vacations…

Earlier this year I took what I consider my very first vacation. Having been a part of the “working world” for the past 5 years I have at times taken time off from work for a week or so at a time but it was not until this year that I finally understood what a vacation really meant.

Usually I take a week, stay home, clean the house, wash my hair and so forth… but this time had to be different. This time I had to make a memory and get to ticking items off the bucket list.

I took the first week of May off so I could celebrate the birthday while on Vacay and it was AMAZING! Partly because of what I did but more because of who I did it with.

Devaro and I stayed at Kaz Kreole Beach Lodge. This is a nice hotel that is not very expensive and I would definitely stay there again. They also have an awesome beach by the way!!

And for the memory making, bucket list checking activities we went to Cranbrook Rainforest Gardens and to Mystic Mountains for some quality time and adventure wrapped up into one :). I particularly enjoyed the bobsled (because he drove) and despite all the screaming while zip lining I will be doing it all again.

After the first vacation turned out to be such a success I was fortunate enough to get another week off in November and vacay it was again! This one was even more exciting than the last as I got to tick a few more things off the bucket list.

We stayed at the newly “upgraded” Deja Resort  in Montego Bay and then at Royal Decameron Club Caribbean in Runaway Bay. Both were great for a girl on a budget but I prefer Decameron… more food and liquor for my enjoyment. Again lots of quality time and Doctor’s Cave Beach and Green Grotto Caves ticked off the bucket list.

For my 2017 vacation I want to travel to another country… preferable one I have not yet visited.

Hint Hint Devaro… get ready!

~ Shermaine


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