UWI does this…

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During my time at the University of the West Indies I accompanied a friend of mine to the Writer’s Club on campus. She’s an excellent poet so she was right at home from the beginning…me, not so much. It just wasn’t my scene so after a few weeks I never went back.

I’ve often been told that everything we come in contact with impacts on our lives whether we realize or not and I do believe that to be true. Sitting here this morning reflecting on my years at university I think back to my first day at the Writers Club. Prezzi (as the leader was affectionately called) led the group in a chain poem entitled “UWI does this…” I was both amazed and amused at different people’s perception of the institution and the various struggles one had to face while being there. Most people had something bad to say but there was this one guy who tried to interject ever so often to remind everyone of the good the UWI does.

I don’t recall what UWI had done to all those people but I’ll never forget what UWI did for me and to me.

Being the last of my parents’ 5 children and the first one to go to university, UWI for me was an honour. It was as much for me as it was for my parents. It was also my shot at a better life than they could’ve imagines possible… UWI was my door to the rest of the world…

UWI was a place where I met so many people from so many different backgrounds and learnt more about culture in a single classroom at Carimac than I had studying Caribbean history in high school…

UWI was the place where old friendships blossomed and some died while simultaneously new ones were formed and lifetime connections were made.

UWI was the place where I met my future husband, the man who charmed me then, held my hand through my struggles since and has believes in and motivates me to this day.

Oh and yes… UWI is the place that gave me a degree Bachelors of Arts Degree in Media and Communication with a specialization in television broadcasting from the Caribbean Institute of Media and Communication (Carimac)

Everyone has their own ideas of the noble institution that is UWI, but for me UWI will always hold a special place in my heart. UWI played a significant role in making me the woman that I am today.

Shermaine Grant B.A. (Aspiring PMP)


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