How I Lost 7lbs in Two Weeks

When I decided at the beginning of June that I would change my life (again) weight-loss was definitely very close to the top of the list of things I had to work on immediately. So I set out on documenting my food and after 21 consecutive days of doing so I visited a nutritionist for some advice on how to move forward.

His recommendation was that I go through a 2 week detox programme that would cleanse me and get me ready to transform my body. The detox consisted of 5 juices  per day and all the fruits and jelly coconut water I could afford. It sounded easy enough but the price was very high. I decided none the less to the push forward and signed up.

The nutritionist makes all the juices fresh each day so it is understandable that payment had to be made upfront and in cash. My pocket cried but I needed this and I was committed.

The first day was very hard for me. I’m used to eating my three fried eggs with three slices of bread and a large cup of tea for breakfast, fried chicken for lunch and maybe some more fried chicken for dinner.

So I put on my big girl pants and tried to not think of the 70 juices to come. And oh what an experience it was!! 

Each day the juices came numbered but not labelled so each juice was a whole new experience and sometimes a not so pleasant surprise. I bought fruits as often as I could and tried to eat between the juices to ensure I didn’t get hungry.

The programme would’ve been very easy if I was doing it at home but adding in the complexities of my job as an event planner gave me mini heart attacks on some days.

In the end I completed the two weeks 7 lbs lighter than I had started and with two less inches off my waste. 


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