Not So Fast…

Yesterday marked 30 days since I started my latest 30 day challenge and unfortunately I did not get the results I wanted out of it. On August 13th I downloaded an app called “Lose weight in 30 days” and was excited to get on with it. It gives daily exercises and a meal plan to follow and promises that you will lose weight in the 30 days…

I cannot give an actual review of the app as I did not follow the meal plan and after two weeks I stopped doing the exercises. As it turns out this app was not for me. It did not engage me and it did not excite me at all.

Not to be defeated though I have since bought myself an elliptical machine and has been using it three days per week. I have not lost any weight in the past 30 days but thankfully I have not gained any either .

The journey continues in trying to get the weight down and overall get healthier…



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