About Sherjei

This blog is about me and my life experiences which are sometimes awesome and sometimes weird (somewhat like dreams…).

I started this blog because I figured it would give me a way to say whatever I want whenever I want. I don’t believe I’m always right but I do believe that I have the right to have an opinion on just about everything there is, however misinformed I might be. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not big headed and arrogant. I do admit when I am wrong and I’m open to being corrected, I’m just saying I’m allowed to speak my mind.

I started this blog because I like telling stories and would love for the world to stop and listen. I’m not on a mission to change the world or to inculcate my morals in the minds of my readers. I just want to share my experiences with someone. Not that I’m short of people to share with as I do have quite a few friends but you never know who might need a good laugh or a word of encouragement and hopefully my posts will be able to do that for people.

So welcome to my blog. Thank you for stopping by and do come again soon.



One comment on “About Sherjei

  1. Great synopsis of commenting and how to very well written and all that link love you just poured out, great post, if this was a forum you would have a sticky on this.

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