Hello 2017…


I am walking into 2017 knowing that whatever the year brings me will be as a result of a combination of choices, chances and changes.

Much of life is unpredictable but I have learnt that it is my choice of reaction to changes along the way that has ultimately brought me the successes (and failures) that I have had so far and for that I am choosing to focus on the positives for 2017!

I have dubbed 2017 my year of Awesome and while I expect numerous challenges along the way I am prepared to overcome and rise above all.

If i must be honest I am a little apprehensive about sharing my new year resolutions with the world but I believe that sharing them might help to keep me accountable so here goes…

For 2017 I resolve to;

  1. Focus on friendships… develop existing ones and mend those that have been neglected.
  2. Focus on family… (it may be about time I start to focus on my own)
  3.  Improve my health… (shifting focus from weight loss to holistic health improvement)
  4. Improve savings and build a real emergency fund
  5. Travel (in and out of Jamaica)

In essence for 2017 my plans are for improved health, wealth, friendships and adventures.

Cheers to my year of awesome!

Let’s do this…



An open letter to Karma

Dear Karma,

I started writing you this letter more than a month ago and for some reason I have not been able to complete it. But I’ve been trying to cleanse for the new year and I think this letter is in important step in that process.

I know I’ve never spoken to you directly before although you have been the subject of many a conversations but I need to ask you a favour and you cant say no. You just cant!

According to dictionary.com  in Hinduism and Buddism you are defined as  “bringing upon oneself inevitable results, good or bad, either in this life or in a reincarnation.” …To the rest of the world… well, you are pretty much seen as “what goes around comes around.”

Now I know that in the past I have not given you the respect that you deserve having succumbed to the pressures of society and called you a “bitch” among other colourful words but you must understand that I never meant it in a degrading manner *looks away* and for this I am sorry.
Now with that being said… I find it necessary to remind you of how helpful I’ve been to so many people, whether it was listening when they needed an ear, wiping away tears, “lending” money I knew I would never get back, dropping coins in the Salvation Army kettle, doing the kiddies  homework… and I could go on but I don’t think I should (modesty is a quality greatly admired by many).
I wont go on my knees, I wont grovel and I wont beg… instead I’m respectfully asking that whatever rewards you have in store for me be given to me in this lifetime and not in a reincarnation. I did religious Education in High school, I know a thing or two about beliefs in reincarnation and people don’t necessarily come back as people. While it would be a great honour to come back as a Hindu cow and be held in the highest esteem in some parts of the world I just want a few good fortunes in this lifetime. A few good fortunes in the very near future. Like this year… this month… this week… today *face palm*
So Karma, What do you think? Can you grant me happiness, prosperity and wealth for 2013? Think about it.
Thanks in advance,
PS… Happy New Year!