Hello 2017…


I am walking into 2017 knowing that whatever the year brings me will be as a result of a combination of choices, chances and changes.

Much of life is unpredictable but I have learnt that it is my choice of reaction to changes along the way that has ultimately brought me the successes (and failures) that I have had so far and for that I am choosing to focus on the positives for 2017!

I have dubbed 2017 my year of Awesome and while I expect numerous challenges along the way I am prepared to overcome and rise above all.

If i must be honest I am a little apprehensive about sharing my new year resolutions with the world but I believe that sharing them might help to keep me accountable so here goes…

For 2017 I resolve to;

  1. Focus on friendships… develop existing ones and mend those that have been neglected.
  2. Focus on family… (it may be about time I start to focus on my own)
  3.  Improve my health… (shifting focus from weight loss to holistic health improvement)
  4. Improve savings and build a real emergency fund
  5. Travel (in and out of Jamaica)

In essence for 2017 my plans are for improved health, wealth, friendships and adventures.

Cheers to my year of awesome!

Let’s do this…



I’m Dreaming of Control

One of my greatest challenges for 2013 was not being able to control a lot of things that affected me directly or indirectly. I spent much of my time focusing on the problems I was having and very little time creating ways to solve them. Its no wonder I was often so sad or depressed.

I had it all wrong and I needed a change!! So as 2013 was taking its final breaths the reviews of its performance started pouring in I vowed to stop waiting for things to happen and to start making them happen.

I decided to start planning. The more I planned the more inspired I was to keep planning. Sounds corny but its absolutely true!!

So now I’m dreaming of control. Control of my life, control of my emotions, control of my finances, control of my body.

PS… I’m starting Yoga this month. How long til I can do this?

I wanna do this...

I wanna do this…