I am far from being perfect and I never pretended to be.

I cry for simple things and for me some jokes are just not funny.

Thin skinned – yes that’s me though I tried quite hard to hide it

A million ways to hide one’s feelings… name any one and trust that I’ve have tried it.

Some days I hate texting… It requires a certain virtue that i’m still trying to acquire

but then… then there are other days where texting is my saviour…

Its the perfect hiding place.

you can’t hear the crack in my voice or see the tears roll down my face.

Deceptive… yes I admit it is wrong

But tell me you don’t think its better than singing the same old song.

Sticks and Stones may brake my bones but words…

Oh how they hurt me…

And I can’t hide the pain

So I’m sure I’ll be crying time and time again…

I’m sorry if my words have hurt you half as much yours have me.