The pit pit patter of the rain drops…

I stepped outside the office and without noticing I stepped into a puddle. An untimely reminder of the rainfall we’ve been getting for the past few days. I was tempted to get mad but then I thought – What am i getting mad at? The rain? The puddle? So…I went about my way.

For some reason this little episode reminded me of my time as a student at Westwood High School in Trelawny. I started thinking about the fact that we had devotions two times per day everyday and then the number of times I helped to lead those devotions in my final year because of my involvement with ISCF. The endless skits, and songs and Bible verses…

Speaking of which, thats how I first got the name SHER-J. We had to do a skit for valentines’ sunday and I played the role of a girl with the perfect man AJ (which was eventually revealed to mean Almighty Jesus). I really enjoyed that skit… I wonder why I never joined UDAS at UWI… hmmm. Anyhoo by the end of the skit I was Mrs. AJ. So I became SherJ. To this day Natalia White (Pretty Girl) still calls me that.

I use to love general devotions but I also had my own little quiet times. This was something I started in firth form where I’d read my Bible and have a little talk with the Big Man. Sadly I don’t do this anymore although I know I should…

In trying to figure out what to call this blog, The Pit Pit Patter came to mind. Probably I had been singing that song this morning. Its actually one of my favourite Nursery Rhymes.

I Love the Pit-Pit Patter of the rain drops,
I love the buzz-buzz buzzing of the bee,
But the thing I love the best, it’s the very, very best,
Is to know that God loves me.

I love I love

I love the chirp-chirp chirping of the birdies

I love the sweet-sweet smelling of the rose

But the thing I love the best, it’s the very, very best,
Is to know that God loves me.

Oh the good old days.

Anyhoo, before I get caught up in all things great about childhood,  I think I have work to do.