It will all get better with time

Thank God It’s Friday!!!!!!!

I dont think anyone in this world is as happy as i am to know that this is the last day of the working week.

I’m so tired although i slept until way  after eleven this morning. I’m still not use to this working thing yet.

Wednesday made two weeks since I started working at Cable News and Sports. I cant believe it’s only been two weeks!!!!! Jah Know star it feels like two months already… I guess by the time two months end I’ll feel two years older (that’s not a good thing – will need to work on that)

So much has happened since…

I think I’ve been adjusting but I’ve had a few really rough days. I’ve heard it will all get better with time though so I’ll wait and see. I haven’t been bawling (to any great extent) so I’m not doing too badly and my reading and presentation skill shave been improving but there’s still work to be done.

Anyhoo… I had an amazing weekend.

Yea, yea I know it’s kinda late to talk about the weekend since its the weekend again but please allow me!

Saturday was amazing (that is if i don’t count the census work I had to do in the morning morning – Hubby made up for that later though :))

Yea so I was saying,  Saturday was great, awe-inspiring,

And Sunday was great too.

I went to St Mary on sunday for my bestfriend’s birthday and had to come back to town the same day.

The trip was worth it though, I got an apple that was bigger than my head (n my head not small at all) plus I got authentic jelly coconut water and I got birthday cake and… it was a good day. Oh I almost forgot Olivia Sheena Maxwell went to church in one hot girl dress :)!!!! She looked stunning (much to the envy of quite a few people but that’s another story). Happy Birthday again Hunz.

So after two weeks I’m tired. Seriously tired. This job… I swear requires more of me than if I had gone to work for TVJ or CVM.

Interestingly too, I’m not sure what my position here is cause I wont be given a contract until after my probation ends in three months but so far I am the news and business writer, editor and presenter. Oh and  I think I’m newsroom editor too, I choose the stories, I compile the newscast… (which I need to go start doing now)

Can’t wait for this day to be over!!!

Hello Weekend :). I dare you to top last week (lol please I need you to)